Win Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate worth $69

Hello friends, I am doing good and I hope you are also sailing in the same boat. Recently, I reviewed Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate and the ratings were 5 out 5. Why not, after all when CNet can give it such excellent rating, then who am I to underrate this cool software. You can read the whole review and the awesomeness of this application here!

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

Now coming to point, I am very happy to announce that I have requested Wondershare team and they have allowed me to run a giveaway for their wonderful and powerful software - Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate which is worth $69. Believe me, it is worth the money you spend but what is more cool? when you get this amazing application free of cost with the license made specifically for you.

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Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

Hello friends and dear readers of this blog, today I have a new application for you to be reviewed by me.
If you are a media junkie, then you must be having a collection of music, videos and movies hanging in your hard drives and other storage medias. Our today's application has its sole purpose, to make your media playback, especially videos, on all devices possible, efficient and flexible. Today, I am going to review Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate which is the last media converter that you might need as you will be in love with this app. How? Read the post and see the result when you try it yourself!
Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Splash Screen
First of all, if you do not know why you need a video converter, then read the following points:
  • So that you can transfer movies and videos from your computer/laptop to mobile phones or media players and they play as expected.
  • So that you can convert videos to their appropriate dimensions and quality and save a lot of data.
  • So that the videos you transfer, do not play with lags, audio/video delays and/or unnecessary pixelation.
  • And many more, after all, it makes a lot of sense to play videos that fit your playback device up to the par. 
So now that you have understood the purpose and usage point of a video converter, let us see how good and useful is Video Converter developed by Wondershare team!
We will be judging this application on the basis of these two critical things: Features And Performance

Features of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

The main features of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate are converting video files, Burning media to discs and Downloading YouTube Videos. So basically, it does the task of three different software under one roof!
Here below is a screenshot of the software's start screen. You will get all the basic options there. 

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Start Screen

Well, there is no point from my side to explain you all the basic things like what does 'Add Files' button do but I am polite enough to tell you the amazing features that you will discover sooner or later after you start using it! Just kidding, I have marked the options and their specific uses. :)

  1. The Top Tab: This is from where you can switch between three modes: Video Conversion, Disc Burning and Video Downloading Modes. As fro now, our main focus is on Video Conversion Mode!
  2. The Menu Button: Using this button, you will find your way to preferences, Registration option and an "Shutdown when everything is done" button. 
  3. Preferred Output: Using this button, you will find presents of many popular devices and of course all other formats to which your input can be converted. This is useful because you can directly tell this app your device from this menu and you will get the desired output without hassles.
  4. Edit: Use this if you want to edit the video. By editing, it offers trimming, cropping rotating, changing aspect ratio,adding effects, and even adding watermarks. This is the reason I told you before that this is the perfect video conversion software. You get a lot of features under one app.
  5. Subtitles: Using this option you can hard embed subtitles into the movie. Useful option if the  device on which you want to play video doesn't supports subtitle.
  6. Set Preferred Output Video: Use this option if you have a multiple audio movie. For eg, if you have a dual audio movie with both English and Hindi audios, you can set the audio to Hindi and enjoy the movie. You can also manually add a audio file to be played. This is a a rare feature, and comes handy from time to time.
  7. Codec Settings: Use this if you want to play around video output settings. Here you can manually specify all the things as per your needs like changing data rate of video and audio, change resolution etc. Geeks love this feature as they completely know what their device is upto and will choose manually all the things.
  8. Convert: This is the fire button, when all the things are checked, shoot this button and your conversion will start.
  9. Merge: This option is itself optional. Check this button if you want to merge your video files into one single video. Useful if you have a movie which is downloaded in parts.
  10. Output Folder: Use this option to manually specify where your output videos need to be rendered.
Seeing the features that this program offers, I rate it 5 out of 5 in terms of features.


Talking about video conversion, it is a time consuming process in general. And why it should not be, after all you render a brand new output by altering its original specifications. The rate of conversion of videos basically depends on three things. 
  1. The performance of PC -  Which processor it uses and its RAM. A good multi core processor will act as a promoter of rate of conversion.
  2. Type of Video - High quality HD videos need more power and time for conversion than low quality videos.
  3.  Graphic Card - The better the graphic card, lesser the time is required for conversion of videos. Video conversion relies more on graphic card performance first then on your PC's other components.
  4. The Application used - Yes, the application also decides the time of conversion. If an app is well developed and professionally made (Like Wondershare Media Converter Ultimate), Then you can get your videos converted in lesser time than expected. And, the bonus point is that this video converter converts two videos at the same time without distorting the conversion rate. So you save a lot of time.
Talking specifically about Wondershare Video Converter, I am myself very much impressed by its performance. No, They haven't paid me for saying this or I have asked them, I am telling you this, because I have myself tested this video converter and I have compared the results with other video converters in the market. There is not a single drawback that I could find while using it, and I can guarantee that you will be amazed by seeing it work for you. Even though my PC's processor ( Intel Pentium Dual Core E5700 3.00 GHz) is a bit older, this video converter manages to bring about conversion efficiently and quickly. 

So my rating of Wondershare Ultimate Video Converter in terms of performance is 5 out of 5.


This application is very easy to use and anyone can start converting files within few seconds. And after reading this review, anyone can directly start converting his videos as per requirement. The interface is very intuitive and easy to understand. And it offers a lot of features as I have mentioned above. I tried my best to spot all the important and useful features but who knows in future they update it to even better that what it is now. And performance wise, it also wins my heart and mind. So my final rating is: 4.99 out of 5
Why, because nothing is perfect but for sake of convenience you can round it off to 5 out of 5

You can also give this software a try and I would love to see your feedback on the same.

Download Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate 


We are happy to announce that we are giving away one lucky person a free license of this application worth $69. Just go to this giveaway page and participate the giveaway!
Giveaway - Win Wondershare Ultimate Video Converter worth $69

    Ptmaroct Wishes You A Happy New Year 2k14

    Hello world, this is Anuj Sharma, your friend and the administrator of this blog. I know I have been so much inactive these moths for non other than a single cause which is class 12th. You know what does it means and the importance of scoring good in it. The whole life depend s on it! Well, keeping the issues apart, let us welcome this new year 2014 which I wish and hope brings happiness and utmost joy to the life of everyone.

    This year, 2014, I promise I will no more inactive in terms of blogging and I will keep updating you all with good stuff.
    For now, goodbye 2013 and welcome 2014

    With Best Wishes,
    Anuj Sharma

    Direct Download .APK Files From Google Play Store

    Google Play, the app store for Android devices hosts huge amount of applications developed for Android Platform.But to download these apps you need multiple things simultaneously like and Android Device, Google ID and Internet Connectivity. But this is not always possible to arrange all at once, like one phone doesn't has Play Store then he has last option to install android apps directly by .APK files. Though there are alternatives but these are either too time wasting or hard to implement ( Real APK leecher) or contain harmful malwares ( Downloading .apk files from torrent, warez sites etc)

    To tackle this problem, a app developer has come up with a very good solution for downloading Android apps in .apk format directly from Google Play Store. So all you need is an Internet connection and a device on which the apk file is to be downloaded. So here it is:

    EVOZI APK Downloader

    So, all you need to do is collect the URL of the android app you want to download, you can Google that anytime.
    Now copy the URL and paste it in the "Package name or Google Play URL"

    Wait for few seconds and your download will be available. You can also download apps that are country restricted or on the devices that are missing Google Play Store App.

    Best Budget Gaming PC in India - Sep 2013

    Best Budget Gaming PC India 2013

    Gaming is nowadays a best time killer for youth as well as grown-ups. With the development of newer technologies, gaming is becoming more slick and realistic. But to enjoy this beautiful piece of technology, we need some sort of hardware to operate games on. To play heavy games, we have two choice and these are Computer and Console. A computer can be a desktop PC or a laptop, on the other hand we have two major console for hardcore gaming and these are Play Station and X Box

    In India, console gaming is still a thing of aristocracy because of its high pricing and the games are also very highly priced making them out of reach. So we are left dependent on our PC to let us enjoy games. One more irony is that the games these days are so high that they do not support older systems and hence fail to execute when ran on these old PCs. So to overcome this problem, I have done a long research on how you can get a good budget and assembled gaming PC without burning a hole in your pocket! 
    The rig that I am going to tell you about is powered by Intel parts.

    Getting the perfect Rig!

    The Processor

    The processor is the heart of your computer and choosing the best one is the most important part of assembling a computer. Your computer's power and processing speed depends most on this hardware and hence you have to select the best processor out of competition. So what is the best budget performance processor by Intel? It is none other than Intel Pentium G640 which is sandy bridge based processor, the same technology you saw in 2nd Generation Intel Core i3/5/7 Processors. The clock rate is 2.7 GHz and the socket type is LGA 1155. The socket type determines which mother board will be compatible with the processor. So it means, Intel G640 processor can only be used with motherboards made with socket LGA 1155. Coming to the performance part, this processor scores 6.7 out of 7.9 in Windows 7 System Assessment Score which is a good mark of win. 
    As the title of this post reads budget gaming PC, so the processor is also chosen with price in consideration after performance. You can get this processor in around Rs 3000 to Rs 3,500 depending on your location and seller's mood.

    The Graphic Card

    A gaming PC without a gaming graphic card is like a tea without tea-leave. It is then not supposed to be called so!
    Just as a processor determines how powerful is your computer, Graphic card determines how powerful is your Gaming computer. Gone the days when games ran buttery-smooth on Pentium-4 PCs. Now they won't even show you splash-screen! Now I request you all to read the below paragraph with full attention.
    Choosing a graphic card is very important and yes, it is very difficult if you have not purchased it earlier. Here are some points to ponder:
    • The performance of a graphic card is NEVER measured by its memory. Firstly, you should see how new is the version of graphic card and its other details like shaders, processing speed, additional benefits etc
    • Never expect the graphic card to be cheap. A budget one can be brought for Rs 6k but increasing your budget will obviously help you get more performance.
    • ATI Vs. NVidia: ATI cards offer extreme value for money but on the other hand NVidia cards are bit costlier but after all they are more stable than ATI and last longer as compared to ATI cards. This is due to the fact that ATI cards try to give you more and more out of the hardware, which sometimes can screw your card and other hardware. So as we need performance in budget, so ATI is our first choice
    • To get full performance out of your card, then you must give it power supply it wants. Many people make a huge mistake of not getting a branded and powerful SMPS, and try to run the graphic card with older and low quality SMPS, which literally leads to Diwali (Google it if you don't know!) of your GPU and other parts like CPU and motherboard who had no fault in this process.
    Keeping all above points in mind and budget as the first one, the best graphic card as for now is ATI HD 6670 1 GB DDR5 version, which costs less or more than Rs 6,000 and matches the needs of current generation games. This variant of card is manufactured by many vendors like Asus, HIS, Sapphire and everyone's price varies by +- 300 Rs. So I would suggest you to go with Asus one as it is a well know brand in gaming. I have added a Flipkart link below so that you can check it out!

    The Mother Board

    The motherboard is the hardware which acts as a link between all your components inside PC. Getting a good quality motherboard gives you a stable and long lasting PC. Also, if you get a good quality motherboard then you can expect and slight increase in the performance too. 
    I would suggest you to get motherboard from any of these: Intel > Asus > Gigabyte. In the above processor part, I recommended Pentium Dual Core G640, so we should get a motherboard which must be compatible with this processor! Hence below is the best motherboard I could find that promises performance within budget.

    Intel DH61HO Motherboard

    This is a pure Intel motherboard, so you can easily expect it to be most stable and good in performance than those made by 2nd party like Asus and Gigabyte. Usually Intel motherboards are priced a bit higher because of their quality, but this one is priced exactly same as those made by Asus and others. So why take a chance when the best is knows to us? The best part of this motherboard is that you can anytime upgrade your CPU to 3rd generation Core i3/5/7 processor as this motherboard packs support for the same!
    Not only this, you get a support of upto 16 gigs of DDR3 RAM which also makes upgrade for future easy. So your computer will be future ready if you go with my suggestions.

    The only drawback is that it has support for only two SATA cables, of which one will be used for DVD writer? and one for Hard Disk. Usually, motherboards by Asus and others give you support for four. So if you are not gonna connect more than two hardware through SATA, then this Motherboard is the best choice.

    The RAM

    RAM is where all your apps and games execute. The purpose of RAM over hard drive is that RAM is many times faster than hard drive. Nowadays DDR3 RAM is used the most though DDR4 RAM is set to launch this year, but as for now we are with DDR3. The main question that comes related to buying RAM, is how much you need and of which brand. If you want to enjoy lag-free gaming, then start thinking from 4 GB as below that, PC will hang at times. One more thing to note, is NEVER ever buy Chinese RAMs or the name of company you have never heard. Always buy genuine branded RAM from Kingston, Transcend, Corsair etc, because if you use local RAM, then welcome hardware issues within a month of assembling of PC. 
    A good quality, like below one of Kingston RAM, can cost upto Rs 1000 per 2GB. So you need to spend near-about Rs 2000 for buying a good quality RAM
    Buy Kingston HyperX BLU 4 GB DDR3 RAM from Flipkart

    The Power Supply Unit (PSU or also called as SMPS)

    This component is very less talked about while buying a PC, as the vendor himself installs a generic one without any prior asking to the buyer. He is doing good, but as far as we are having a graphic card in the house, the SMPS must be of good quality and should be compatible with the graphic card too. It means, if the graphic card says 500 W of power supply is needed and you install it on a PC with a 350 W SMPS, then after turning on a game or graphic intense program, you would possible see fire in the cabinet and burning smell in your nose!
    The graphic card that I recommended you draws power from PCI slot itself so no need to worry about the above issue but make sure that you get a good quality PSU which should be atleast 450 Watts.
    Here are my recommendations:
    Zebronics ZEB-450 Gold

    The Cabinet 

    This one is totally upto you, the cabinet is the structure inside which the motherboard, PSU, Hard Drive and other hardware are mounted. You can get a good quality and good looking cabinet for around Rs 1500, but adding a little more will help you find a cool gamer type too. So its all upto you, as it is the only thing on which you can save money or spend it all! My recommendation is that you should go with iBall ones as they are stylish and budget friendly too.
    One more thing to note that most cabinets come with SMPS installed inside themselves, simply remove these are they are mostly 250W to 300 W which I told you, can prove to be dangerous for your hardware.

    The DVD Writer

    Though less useful these days because of pen drives, Internet and torrenting system, DVD  proves to be useful when Installing OS using DVD or writing discs for sharing with people who doesn't have pen drives with them. You can also skip this one but I recommend you to have it on your PC as it costs no more than Rs 1000 and the best ones are manufactured by LG.

    The Hard Disk

    Hard disk is where you store all your stuff and games too. Nowadays there is a need of lot of space because the games are too big in size. Also, the movies are now releasing in Blu Ray qualities which also fill the space. To get over this problem, you will surely need a big and spacious hard drive. But, there is a problem because of the havoc in countries like Thailand in the 2010, I guess, due to which there is a drastic changes in the price of hard disks. But we can't wait for it to recover, so we are left with the current ones which are priced upto 3 times more than the original prices. That's the story, now the solution is to buy current ones and the best one I can find is that of "Western Digital" known commonly as WD. The 1 TB blue variant of the hard drive will cost you no more than Rs 4,000 in the market.

    The Speakers

    Getting good quality speakers in the market is a thing of pain because of rising competition of new companies and also the high prices of the branded ones. To get the utmost clarity and natural feel of music, good quality speakers are a must. By good quality I mean that the highs and lows of the satellite speakers and the bass of the sub-woofer. A new contender has packed its space in the market and it is F&D also called as Fenda. Their speakers are  really good performers and the bass of the sub-woofer is enough to shake the table. There are many models of their speakers, you can choose any of them as they use the same subwoofer of 5000 Watts PMPO which is very powerful and the pricing can be anywhere between Rs 1700/- to Rs 2000/-

    Keyboard and Mouse

    They both are an essential gadgets to play games with. Since we are already tight on budget, you can go with a cheap one and by cheap I mean cheap in price and not in quality. For long lasting use, you can go with Microsoft Keyboard and Mouse combo which will cost around Rs 500 only.


    So the list of hardware is ready and its time to calculate the bill that you are gonna pay for your gaming PC. Also note that there can be a slight increase or maybe even decrease from the estimated price as their prices change day by day.

    And the total cost of the assembled PC will be around Rs 24,000 or so. If you are having better suggestions to the above PC, feel free to share with us your knowledge. Forgive me if price of any commodity change without any prior notice as they are supposed to.

    Alert: Airtel Giving 3G speeds on 2G Internet Packs

    Update: Hope, you enjoyed the time this offer was active. Now go back to your old house as this time has vanished. Goodbye 3G and welcome-back 2G
    Hello friends, this is a post after a very very long time. If you are an Airtel user, you might be aware of the amazing 3G plan that it launched some months back and it was sadly, discontinued some days back. I reported about the plan, its usefulness and the benefits with its benchmarks earlier but now forget it, its not of any existence now.

    Now here comes the anti-depressant good news. 

    You might know that we can use 3G network on 2G plan. It was of no use because we got the same 2G speeds with a slight speed increase which was not enough to be mentioned. But here comes the good news.

    People like me are getting 7.2 Mbps 3G speed at the price of 2G internet pack. You must be seeking for the  instruction, huh? So here are the steps to enjoy Lamborghini at Nano's price :-)
    • Make sure that 3G is activated on your number. To activate 3G, simply send a SMS to 121 with body 3G
    • Now when 3G is activated, activate any 2G internet pack.
    • Switch to 3G network on your mobile device or USB Modem 
    • Enjoy
    Airtel 3G Internet Speed
    Download Speed of Airtel 3G

    It is that easy to enjoy high speed internet at the budget. The best Internet plan acc. to me is the Rs 60 1 GB 14 Days plan for Airtel 2G, or better say 3G now.
    Details and activation procedure for that plan is given at the link understated.

    HTC Butterfly v/s Nokia Lumia 920 - Which One to Pick?

    There comes a time when a high end device ends up as a mid-range device because the company creates another great device which is the new flagship of the company. This is the normal life-cycle of every phone possibly and it will keep on going this way till the time the technology is steadily improving and progressing. Both the phones in comparison today, HTC Butterfly and Nokia Lumia 920 used to be the flagships of their respective manufacturers until they were substituted with the HTC One and Nokia Lumia 925 respectively.

    Screen & Body 

    HTC Butterfly The HTC butterfly is a candy-bar form phone with a 5” Full HD display at 1920x1080 pixels resolution at 441 ppi. Compare that to the Nokia Lumia 920, it sports a 4.5” qHD display of 1280x768 pixels at 332 ppi. The screen of the Butterfly ismuch better and sharper than the Lumia 920, but the 920 has an IPS LCD display which makes its display pretty sharp enough to make it capable to compete with Full HD resolutions. Both the screens are protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 2. By weight comparison the Lumia 920 is heavier at 185g owing to its great camera and polycarbonate casing. The Butterfly is just 140g.


    The Lumia 920 runs on a Dual-core 1.5 GHz Krait and Adreno 225 GPU whereas the Butterfly runs on Quad-core 1.5 GHz Krait and Adreno 320 GPU. HTC Butterfly also has double the RAM at 2GB. So all in all, the Butterfly has better specs and is pretty fast, but the 920’s CPU is enough for the phone’s regular functioning owing to a different OS which we will be covering later. The 920 comes with 32GB internal storage which is non-expandable whereas the Butterfly has 16GB internal and is expandable upto 32GB. The 920’s 2000 mAh battery lasts enough for 1.5 days with medium usage whereas the Butterfly’s 2020 mAh battery lasts about 1 day with medium usage due to the stronger processor and screen.


     Both these phones run different OSs. The Lumia 920 runs on the new Windows Phone 8 OS which is sleek, snazzy and works like butter. Its Live Tiles are pretty awesome and make the phone very lively. The OS is very light and so the smaller processor of the Lumia is enough to smoothly operate the phone. On the other hand, Butterfly runs on HTC Sense 4.0+ over Android JellyBean 4.1.2. This is a pretty heavy OS and thus the Butterfly’s strong processor does a great job handling it smoothly. The Lumia 920 comes with a high Nokia mobile price in India, and brings the goods to back it up as well.

    Camera & Entertainment 

    Nokia Lumia 920 YellowThe 8MP camera on the HTC Butterfly does a pretty good job and is capable of capturing 1080p videos at 30fps. Its 2.1MP front camera is also capable of 1080p videos at 30fps but the Lumia 920’s 2MP front shooter does a decent job of 720p videos at 30fps. What impresses us the most is Nokia’s 8.7MP PureView HD+ camera that gives some really awesome images. It shoots the best low light images than any camera in the world. Also the 920 comes with some awesome features like Optical Image Stabilization, Autofocus, etc.

    Apps & Functionality

     If you look at the current situation, Android App Market, Google Play has over 800,000 apps whereas the Windows App Store has just crossed 150,000 figure lately. So it is a matter of time till the Windows OS develops and comes close to the Android or iOS app store for that matter. Though all the basic apps required are there available at the Windows App Store so won’t be actually missing much.


    We compared the HTC Butterfly and the Nokia Lumia 920, the ex-flagships of their respective companies and we have decided to have a winner here. So considering all the criteria that we have judged these two phones on, we sure do have a clear winner and that is the HTC Butterfly with its amazing screen, fast processor, greater RAM, and bigger battery. The only place where Nokia manages to beat the HTC is the camera, but overall, it is the Butterfly all the way.

    Latest Website Gives Free Mobile Recharge - July 2013

    Hello my dear readers, I am sorry that I couldn't update this blog for a long time. Coming to point, as we all know that I have posted about free recharge sites like Pickzup, Embeepay and Ultoo previously, which are of those who work in real life, today I am going to tell you about one more such site which is most promising of all I have seen till my Internet Journey.

    You might be already aware of pickzup which gives Rs 3 per referral, Ultoo which gives Rs 1 per referral only. What if a site is launched that has best of both worlds? I mean, if it pays high commission per referral and also allows you to earn money by sending SMS?

    The answer is here and a new site has been launched! The name of this awesome website is LyfeTabs which means Life Tabs. In this website, you can earn credits easily and quickly for doing short tasks varying from sending SMS to creating Status Updates!

    If you sign up using above link, which is having a unique code attached to it, you will instantly get Rs 5 as sign up bonus
    Here are the salient features of this site:
    • Rs 10 per full referral, which is the highest paid by any site till now!
    • Earn 30 paise for every sent to your site friend or 10 paise to anyone else!
    • Allows you to invite as many friends so that you can earn without any break.
    • Many more unique features which makes this site completely different.
    • Minimum amount required to redeem as mobile recharge is just 10 Rs which you can earn by only a single referral.

    Referral Rate

    As I said above, the referral rate is Rs 10, but there are two conditions needed to earn this commission and these are:-
    • The referral must sign up using your unique referral link from a different computer. Spam sign up will be disapproved, so I hope you don't cheat this site.
    • The referral must complete his account by verifying E-mail address and also the mobile number, or any one of these is missing then you won't get any reward.
    • The site team will verify your referral first and then credit you points and the verification proces can take upto hours.

    Earn Money by Sending SMS

    As I said above, you can also earn credits by sending SMS very quickly and easily. This is a very good thing about this site and the best is that you get paid a very good amount for sending SMS. For this, you need to verify your mobile number and then start sending SMS. You will be paid 30 paise or 3 points for sending SMS to your site friends and 10 paise to your non-friends which is upto 15 times more than what Ultoo pays you :-)

    Inviting New People

    You can invite all your friends and family members to this amazing site and for each complete and verified referral, you will directly get Rs 10 which is the highest referral rate for any site now. After joining the site, you can invite your friends from the right sidebar. If you are having trouble in finding a direct referral link, then click on Share on Facebook and share the link with your friends and take the link then from that.

    More Unique Features

    Free recharge site like Ultoo had a good feature of earning money by sending SMS which was first of its kind. The problem is that the site was having captcha protection after you start sending a lot of SMS. But not in this site, as here you cane easily send SMS to your friends and they will pay you 10 paise to 33 paise depending on whom it is sent. One more thing to note that SMS can be sent only between 9 AM to 9 PM period, so as to protect the privacy of users, and you can NOT send SMS to those numbers on which DND is activated.

    You also get paid for creating Status updates in this site by a rate of 33 paise per status and you can also upload your photos to earn same amount which is very easy and fun to achieve.

    How to get Free Recharge

    For processing your first recharge, you should have atleast 10 Rs in your account which can be earned easily by inviting only one of your dearest friend. One thing to note that this site is very strict and patient in terms of rewarding its users. So you can sometime need to wait for some hours before your referral commission is given to your LyfeTab account. After you have successfully got Rs 10 ore more in your account, then you can request a free recharge from the site. To proceed your free recharge just go to he following link and then fill all the necessary details.
    Recharge from LyfeTabs

    That's all I have to say about this site. People who are worried about the genuineness of this site, No need to do so as I have myself checked this site and yes it pays, but the only problem is that you have to wait for hours to get the amount credited to your mobile. I don't think it is a problem at all, because you can earn huge from this site easily but with patience!